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Careers for Introverts

I can usually put up a fairly good front. I appear to be an outgoing, friendly person, always polite and smiling. So, most people I meet could never imagine that, in stark contrast to my persona, social interaction causes me absolute terror! I have severe Agoraphobia and Social Phobia. I cannot stand being in a crowd or interacting with people I do not know and being subjected to the judgmental eyes of others in an open area, such as a nightclub or party, brings on the mother of all panic attacks. Therefore, I generally find myself seeking new ways to avoid these horrific situations at virtually all costs.

It occurs to me that many people cannot fathom how it feels to routinely encounter these thoughts and fears, but I also believe that there just may be others out there who share my discomfort, irrational or unjustified as it may be. So I would like to post what I hope to be useful, helpful information.

While there is an extremely limited amount of jobs that require no social interaction, I have prepared a list of jobs and career paths that require considerably less than others. Many of these jobs can be done in a virtually solitary environment and others are limited to interaction between colleagues. Additionally, there are a few that incorporate public customer service, but they do not demand the levels of most typical careers. As with many things, your results may vary and the actual level of social interaction you experience will depend on many variables, including the company you work for, the precise field your job is in and your level of education and/or experience.

Still, for many who cringe at the thought of dealing with a line of customers on a daily basis, this is a good starting point.

What Are Your Interests? There is certain to be a job in this list that will appeal to you. So, the next time you feel trapped by your fear or loathing of social interaction, don’t look at the limitations; look at the possibilities.

Introverted Career Options


About kliichow

Kimberly Liichow is a freelance writer based in Panama City, FL. She has been writing virtually all of her life. Her earliest memories are of writing short stories, newsletters, poetry, and plays that she would cast friends and relatives to act out. As an adult she has enjoyed sharpening her skills and growing as a writer, though she admits she will never know all there is to know about writing. She is always willing to take on a new challenge and step out of her comfort zone. She prides herself on being creative and unique. She believes a person cannot find her purpose as an individual if she only follows the same road as everyone else. There are no dead ends, just opportunities to find an alternative path and while being unsure of what is to come can be a bit intimidating, it is also what keeps life interesting.


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