Random Musings

Me & My Funny Name

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am Kimberly Liichow. My last name is pronounced Lee•ko. I inherited the name when I married my husband. It is of German origin. When his family moved to the U.S. in the 1800s, the name was spelled Luchow, with diaeresis over the U (ü).

Since most people wrote in script at that time and Americans were not accustomed to special symbols, it was assumed that the spelling was Liichow and so that is how it became spelled.

Moving on; I love to write and create things. However, I have yet to determine how I can freelance and create on a full-time basis, so I still work for corporate America. I have a typical administrative position at my local hospital that keeps me comfortable and allows me to maintain the lifestyle to which I have become accustomed. It’s not a bad job, but it is monotonous and tends to stifle my creativity.

I live in Panama City, FL. No, I am not native to Florida, like many of the people here, I am a transplant. Still, I didn’t come here fleeing the FBI like so many others, I moved here with my parents in the summer of 2000 from Newnan, GA. Now I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else, partly because I loathe moving, but also because I actually like living here. It is truly the perfect size city – – large enough to cater to whims like shopping, entertainment, and virtually any other desire you could think of within a few miles, but still small enough not to fall victim to the massive amounts of crime and drugs in larger cities. And while the spring-breakers bring insanity for a couple months each year and ‘snow birds’ forget how to drive, park and basically function on the planet for 6-8 months while they migrate here for the winter, it remains a great place to live, providing you know back roads and out of the way spots that tourists cannot find.

I have OCD and ADD, both controlled by meds. Even so, I have a short attention span, shiny things intrigue me, and I am highly detail oriented, so small imperfections annoy me, such as, small inequalities in carpet fiber, dirty grout, typos in magazines, wallpaper strips not lining up just right, items of different colors or patterns being stacked together (dishes and such), and other various things that make me nearly impossible to live with and drive others to the brink of insanity. Thankfully, I have extremely patient and understanding friends and family. Either that or they are secretly plotting to kill, dismember and dump me into a river somewhere once they figure out how to get through the investigation and collect the insurance money. Either way, they are tolerating me for the moment.

I live with my wonderful Husband Chuck. He is awesome. He is one of the few people who has heard my twisted opinions and unending rants, yet still manages to sleep next to me every night, without feeling the need to have a weapon under his pillow. I like that in a man. We were married November 17, 2010 on the 3 year anniversary of the day he proposed. Three years later, he still wanted to marry me? You gotta admire his moxie.

I love my family and enjoy spending time with them whenever possible. However, with everyone working different schedules, we cannot always get together as often as I would like. Still, we have a blast when we can.

I try to apply humor to all situations and consider the positive rather than the negative in life; I find things go much better that way. I’m not totally certain what you may find on this blog, but I’m sure it will be entertaining and different. So, enjoy the ride and stay tuned…



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