Kimberly Liichow is a freelance writer based in Panama City, FL. She has been writing virtually all of her life. Her earliest memories are of writing short stories, newsletters, poetry, and plays that she would cast friends and relatives to act out. As an adult she has enjoyed sharpening her skills and growing as a writer, though she admits she will never know all there is to know about writing. She is always willing to take on a new challenge and step out of her comfort zone. She prides herself on being creative and unique. She believes a person cannot find her purpose as an individual if she only follows the same road as everyone else. There are no dead ends, just opportunities to find an alternative path and while being unsure of what is to come can be a bit intimidating, it is also what keeps life interesting.
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I Hope You Saved the Receipt

Have you ever gotten a gift that didn’t meet your expectations? I think it’s safe to assume we have all been there. It’s awkward and uncomfortable and just not a nice place to be. But, another uncomfortable, perhaps more awkward position to be in is the giver of the gift that didn’t quite hit the … Continue reading

4 Things You Should Know About Saving Files to Your PC

Having assisted quite a few friends, relatives and colleagues with retrieving and organizing their photos, downloads and other computer files, I realize that what some consider to be the simplest of concepts can be completely foreign to others. This is particularly true for those who do not have a technical background or came to use … Continue reading

Careers for Introverts

I can usually put up a fairly good front. I appear to be an outgoing, friendly person, always polite and smiling. So, most people I meet could never imagine that, in stark contrast to my persona, social interaction causes me absolute terror! I have severe Agoraphobia and Social Phobia. I cannot stand being in a … Continue reading

5 Internet Dating Tips

You’ve undoubtedly seen the advertisements on television claiming that one website or another can help you find your true love. Did you ever wonder if it is true? Unless you are one of the lucky few, in a caring and happy relationship, you probably have. Still, if you are like many people, the thought of … Continue reading

Leaving with Dignity: Negotiating with a Tiny Terrorist

Morlan is my nephew and I love him more than anything else in this world. He is one of the sweetest, most lovable children I have ever met and nothing gives me greater pleasure than spending time with him and taking him places. However, there is a darker side to this little angel; the tiny terrorist that … Continue reading

Toxic Beauty

A vast majority of women say they use cosmetics of some kind. However, many of these women are unaware of the ingredients used by the cosmetic industry. Some of these ingredients are chemicals that may be toxic and have been associated with potentially negative effects on health and wellness. It seems that the average consumer … Continue reading

Fashion Tips for Curvy Girls

Finding the right clothes and styles for your body type is not always an easy. Girls having a few extra pounds are curvy and feminine and lots of men think that the beauty of a real woman lies in her soft, voluptuous lines. If you are discouraged by the fact that sometimes you cannot find … Continue reading

Being a Plus in a Minus World

It is so funny; when I was in math class, back in middle school, I learned that all numbers had significance and value in the world. However, when it comes to a person’s size, particularly a female, this is not always true. Many people look down on you if you are of the larger variety, … Continue reading

Foregoing Tradition to Cut Expenses

Most people love weddings. There is something magical about planning such a special day and being part of the devotion that two people share. However, most people do not love the endless amounts of debt that can result from the occasion. Tradition states that the bride’s family pays for the entire wedding, while the groom’s … Continue reading

What is a Ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is basically someone who is hired to write for you. A ghostwriter follows your directions about the content and style of the piece you want written and when he has finished and you agree that the piece meets your approval, you pay for the content and all of the rights to it. Ghostwriters … Continue reading